Why Buy Berg?


"This is the coolest bed ever! My son loves it. It works amazing in his small room! All of his clothes fit in the drawers! As a bonus....underneath the bed has become one heck of a fort! Couldn't be happier! "

-Nicki, WA

"My 3 year old loves her new bed and the stairs are such a safe alternative to the other beds out there with ladders. We have put in a piece of fabric using velcro that hangs from the front of the top bunk and covers the bottom and it's like a tent for her=) We also love the fact it can be assembled with the stairs on either side to suit the room."

-Victoria, CA

"This is a well-made piece of furniture that is safe for my girls (3 and 5) to share. It looks great, and you can customize it to your decor by painting the drawers and choosing colored knobs. We love the storage spaces underneath the steps which has saved us from buying another piece of furniture, especially since we don't have any more space in the room. The best part about it is the girls are excited to sleep in their own beds (and not mommy and daddy's anymore)."

-Ki-Ki & Kay-Kay's Mom, GA

"We bought this bed for our two girls. My younger one wanted to sleep in a bunk bed, but we were uncomfortable with idea of her climbing up and down the ladder. This bed WOWed the girls. They really love the bed, the drawers in the stairs and the other nooks and crannies. We love how solid and safe it is. Overall we are very pleased with it."

-'Cautious Parents', NY

"I searched for a bunk bed for a long time before deciding on this one and it was worth the wait. It's solid construction as it stands up to the abuse given by my 7 year old & all her friends. The double bed is great to have for "overflow" adult company when the guest room is occupied."

Jojo, MS

"The stairway works brilliantly for our five-year-old son. He instantly raced up and down about a dozen times, loving the fast access to his "hiding spot" above. Since every step has a built-in drawer, the added space required by the stairs is not really lost. I'd never choose a ladder instead unless I had no space for this design."

Ryan's Dad, WA