Why Buy Berg?

Our Mission Statement

Wouldn't you like to have a beautiful bedroom that is comfortable and well organized? Well, that's exactly what we thought when we designed our children's furniture and because we know that every kid is special, we added a few more features making each set unique. Check it out:

Designs & Configurations

  • We design the bedroom in such a way that comfortable sleeping, a study area and an ample amount of storage are combined in a very small footprint, thus creating enough space for a child to play and socialize.

  • Our designs create an easy-to-organize space. This huge storage space will become your "problem solver". No more clothes all over the floor, no more clutter!

  • Our unique designs create a special environment with a special feel. It encourages the child to bring friends over, helping them socialize and be the "host". Put simply - it makes them feel good.

Safety & Comfort

  • The most innovative feature and first choice by many families is the staircase. This incredible feature, designed by Aharon Lieber provides easy and safe access to the loft bed. The non-slip treads on the edges help little feet get a good grip when climbing up or down. The motion activated safety LED light on the staircase will turn on when needed. The 24" deep drawers provide additional storage. Parents can sit on the top step when reading the child a night time story or physically be close when he/she is on the top bed.


  • We believe that a child's bedroom should last long. We chose a quality engineered board 3/4" thick covered with extremely durable melamine! The melamine is an easy-to-clean material with a strong resistance to scratches, stains and is a non- allergenic material. Our material meets or exceeds all Federal Regulations (Including CARB)

  • We install metal glides that are so strong and reliable we guarantee them for life!

  • Our self-closing system prevents the deep drawers from slamming and will keep them closing smoothly and gently. The soft closing mechanism will ensure a long lasting life for the drawers.

  • All the bed rails of the loft beds are made with high quality plywood (13 ply to add strength) - the best in the industry. We cover it with a high pressure laminate (such as Formica) adding style and additional strength.

Made in the U.S.A.

  • We actually make the furniture in our NJ factory. We design and build the bedroom in such a way that if a service or parts are needed, we can provide it. We stand behind our products and we guarantee it for 10 years!